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Protecting our business

We have a lot of valuable stock in our showroom and I have to make sure it's protected overnight. Unfortunately, we can't be there round the clock but our security system is always working to make sure that the only people in our showrooms are the ones who have the right to be there. I love the fact that I can now get security alerts to my smartphone and even head online to check out the security camera footage at any time of the night or day. This blog is all about security systems for small business owners like me.


Top Tips for Optimising Residential Security Cameras

Residential burglary cases are as common as they have ever been, so more homeowners are installing security cameras on their properties. Part of the trend can be attributed to the fact that security cameras are more affordable today than a couple of years ago. Moreover, most models are easy to set up and offer options tailored to meet individual security needs. That said, home security cameras come with many features that you can take advantage of for enhanced surveillance. Read More 

4 Expert Tips When Buying A Home Security System

Do you intend to purchase a home security system? For most people, buying a home security system seems like a straightforward activity. However, it is essential to be cautious since you want a system that meets your needs and gives you value for your money. The article below discusses some essential tips that every homeowner should know when buying a home security system.  1. Prioritise The Functionality Of The System Read More 

Why You Need Security Cameras for Your Small Business

Securing your business with quality locks is crucial, but it is not enough. To ensure the all-round security of the premises, you need to invest in a surveillance system. By having a security camera installed at every strategic point, you will be able to monitor and gather critical information of the happenings around the facility. Unlike a guard, security cameras will keep an eye on the place without getting tired or distracted. Read More 

What Are the Advantages of a Complete CCTV Solution at Home?

Although a complete CCTV solution might seem like overkill in a domestic setting, there are several advantages in having all parts of your home safeguarded by one. A typical CCTV system will cover the main entry points of a home, such as the front door and the driveway, but a complete solution will provide much fuller coverage and usually integrate with other security measures, such as 24-hour monitoring and guard response units, where appropriate. Read More 

Top Trends in Alarm Systems for 2020

Alarm systems have evolved significantly over the years. Homes and businesses now enjoy protection from multi-unit systems that contain cameras, sensors, video recording devices, and much more. Every year, new and exciting equipment is introduced into the market to further elevate security standards. So, what can you expect in new alarm systems for 2020?   1.    Cybersecurity tools that detect and prevent attacks As alarm systems grow increasingly sophisticated, their risk of encountering cybersecurity threats has also increased. Read More