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Protecting our business

We have a lot of valuable stock in our showroom and I have to make sure it's protected overnight. Unfortunately, we can't be there round the clock but our security system is always working to make sure that the only people in our showrooms are the ones who have the right to be there. I love the fact that I can now get security alerts to my smartphone and even head online to check out the security camera footage at any time of the night or day. This blog is all about security systems for small business owners like me.


How Retail Shop Employees Can Become Part of the Security System

You can train the employees in your retail shop to play a crucial role in enhancing the security of your business. This is necessary even if you have an electronic business security system, such as CCTV cameras within the business premises. This article discusses how your employees can provide an added layer of security to your retail business.

Eye Contact

Some customers may wish to browse the items available on the shelves on their own. Some of those prospective customers may steal from the retail shop in case they feel that no one is watching them as they browse through what is available. Shop employees can make frequent eye contact with all customers who are browsing on their own. Such eye contact will make those customers to feel that someone has an eye on each move that they make. In this way, some possible shop thefts may be averted.

PA Announcements

Some retail shops have a large floor area. Such retail shops can use their public address systems to create an impression that the premises have very tight security measures in place by making announcements asking security personnel to go to different sections of the shop at different times. For instance, an employee can announce, "Security to sector 6" even if the shopping center isn't divided into numbered sections. Such announcements send a message that the entire floor space is being watched remotely at all times. Some possible shoplifters can be dissuaded from carrying out their plans due to the perceived risks of trying to beat such a tight security system.  

Personal Service

Retail shop theft by customers can also be reduced in case you ensure that shop attendants give all clients personal service. For instance, employees attending to the different departments that customers visit should greet all customers as they arrive. Employees should also comment about each item that a customer wishes to try on or test. Such aspects of personal service can reduce the chance that a customer will try to steal something from the shop. This is because customers will feel that the shop employees are vigilant and will catch them when they try to steal something.

Effective business security systems usually succeed in preventing theft from occurring instead of focusing on catching culprits after the fact. The suggestions above will help to step up the success rates of theft prevention in your retail shop. Ask a business security professional for additional mechanisms that can be instituted to strengthen the effectiveness of your current security system.