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Protecting our business

We have a lot of valuable stock in our showroom and I have to make sure it's protected overnight. Unfortunately, we can't be there round the clock but our security system is always working to make sure that the only people in our showrooms are the ones who have the right to be there. I love the fact that I can now get security alerts to my smartphone and even head online to check out the security camera footage at any time of the night or day. This blog is all about security systems for small business owners like me.


Four Ways Security Consulting Enhances Your Business

Being a business owner means keeping track of a lot of information at any one time, so when was the last time you did an audit on the safety of the information your company collects and holds? As a business owner, you are required to report data breaches to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner under certain circumstances. Breach of personal data affects the reputation of your business, so here are four reasons why you should consider hiring a security consultant to undertake an audit of your company.

Personal Data Security

As mentioned above, a breach of personal data needs to be reported, and that does affect how customers perceive your business in the long term. A security consultant audits the way you store customer's personal information to make sure it is protected against the chance of hacker exposure. The audit includes a full risk analysis of what information is recorded and how it is stored so that you can be sure the chance of this information being released is as small as possible.

Cloud Data Storage

An extension of personal data security storage is your use of storage data in the cloud. Many businesses embrace cloud storage to reduce the amount of physical storage required on-site at the business, but cloud storage is not automatically exempt from a threat. A security consultant does an analysis of the cloud-based storage used and the way this data is accessed, which means your business can build a strengthened system against hacking or other data breaches.

Generating Security Policies

A security policy defines who should access sensitive data and when, and it outlines to all your employees your company policy regarding this subject. Putting company policy into writing eliminates the chance of an employee accessing information they are not allowed to see. A security consultant helps to write this company policy for your business.

Ongoing Business Support

Your security needs change on a yearly basis, so an annual security audit with the same security consultant means your business will receive a safety health check each year by a company that already knows the way you operate. This means you don't need to start from scratch bringing a new security consultant up to speed with the way your business operates.

Talk to your local security consultant and have an initial meeting to discuss what they can offer your business. The more secure your business is, the better your reputation is too.